Warm up

Every session (35-55 mins)

5-10 minutes – skipping, jogging etc. – increase heart rate & blood flow

  • 10-15 minutes dynamic stretching – promote release of synovial fluid into joints
    • Neck – Move your head gently from side to side and forwards and backwards (5 reps each)
    • Shoulders – Roll your shoulders forward and backwards (10 reps each)
    • Shoulders (2) – Roll your arms around in circles (like a windmill) changing size and direction (10 reps each side)
    • Hips – Create hip circles (10 reps each side)
    • Legs – Think of someone you really don’t like and kick through with your leg, follow the movement with a backwards swing and sidekick behind you. Obviously make sure no one is standing there (unless you don’t like them) (10 reps each side)
    • Ankles – Raise leg slightly to allow foot to come off the ground, rotate your ankles clockwise and anticlockwise (10 reps each side)
    • Toes – Only joking…
    • Fingers – Clench your fist and expand your fingers in a quick motion several times to get them warmed up.
  • 10-15 minutes – climbing specific exercises (regeneration) – key in to technique and engage mentally
    • This should be done on easy to moderate problems allowing focus on movement
    • Footwork (2-3 minutes) – Place each foot precisely on each hold, making as little sound as possible and not scuffing.
    • Body Position (2-3 minutes) – Think about different body positions on the wall e.g. Egyptians, Bridging, Rock-overs, etc.
    • Momentum (2-3 minutes) – Think about how you use momentum to carry yourself from one hold to another. Rather than statically pulling between every handhold, produce a little swing.
    • Increase Speed (2-3 minutes) – Begin to increase the speed of your climbing (maintaining good footwork and body positioning)
  • 10-15 minutes – progression climbing – warm up to just sub max grade and allow for projecting and more focused work
    • Begin climbing on a few moderate problems and increase up to problems near your limit over the course of 15 minutes.