Great, so you’re looking to improve your technique! Whether you’re a complete beginner just looking where to start or a veteran looking for drills to practice their fundamentals. Here are a collection of links and discussions for varying aspects of climbing techniques. There are a lot of videos out there so we’ve tried to put them in an order so that you can work your way through them starting with the absolute basics and building up from there, the order is:


Hand holds -> Footholds -> Balance & Body Position

Beginner Techniques:

Flagging -> Drop Knee -> Dealing with Roofs and Overhangs

Intermediate Techniques

Heel Hooks -> Toe Hooks -> Bicycling -> Dynos

Whatever your grade, its recommend to start at the basics and building your way up. If your absolute basics are not spot on then you are already handicapping yourself – no matter how well you can crimp, if your footwork is all over the place then you’re likely to plateau at a certain grade and plateau hard. So, make sure to always be thinking of ways to practice and perfect your basics.

The phrase “practice makes perfect” is not 100% correct, what it really should be is “perfect practice makes perfect”, if you’re working with poor body position or footwork, then your body is learning and putting memory that poor technique. This is only going to work against you and unlearning poor basic technique is much more effort than practicing good technique in the first place.

Two video series we highly recommend and will be providing links for frequently are Neil Gresham’s Masterclass and Mani the Monkey’s Rock Climbing Technique. There are links to all the key ones below however if you want to have a bit of a technique binge then the complete playlists are found on Youtube. Both are absolute gems of knowledge (even if Neil Gresham’s videos have become a little cheesy with age) and will have a bit of overlap between them but they’re worth watching none the less.




Body Position and Balance

Beginner Technique


Drop Knees

Drop knees are a great way of bringing your hips in closer to the wall, this makes them very effective on overhangs as it allows you to reach higher and place more weight through your feet.

Roofs and overhangs

Intermediate Techniques

Toe Hooks and Heel hooks